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If you are looking to improve sales excellence and effectiveness, more sales training and CRM software may not be the only solution to produce sustainable results. Many times performance problems can be more complex in the new economy of big data and high competition. You need to take a broader look at your sales organization in order to find the root cause of no or low performance.

In our Sales Excellence practice, we look at the sales organization holistically to identify the key areas or areas needing attention to drive targeted improvements.

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These key areas define the 5 key elements in our Sales Excellence Practice. For each of the questions you should ask yourself…

Organizational Alignment Organizational conflict and lack of alignment can cause even the highest performing organizations to have less than desirable performance. We work with our clients to provide linkage of organizational strategy with the sales and marketing strategies to improve sustainable implementation results.

Customer Focused Sales Listening to your clients throughout buying is a very important skill. Buying is an emotional journey and you should be focused on their needs to provide true value vs. pitching your newest product or service.

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Sales Process & System Optimization If your processes and technology is not being adopted, this will impact performance. Having a clear and defined customer focused sales process is only valuable when it is used and supported with technology that improves effectiveness. When these processes and systems provide more customer facing time and closed sales, they become a must have for sales professionals.

High Performance Sales Sales strategies need to include actionable steps guiding strategic and tactical behaviors that produce results. These steps need to be measured and monitored to gauge success and make necessary adjustments. These steps should always keep the customer personas, needs and market insights in mind.

Talent Management and Development Achievement, recognition, and growth are the real drivers of motivation for your team. You should build this into your environment to support capability development plans and have expert coaches guiding your teams.

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