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Peer Groups

Everyone needs a peer

Many leaders today face similar challenges and would benefit from leadership peer groups. With the advent of operating in a post-COVID-19 Pandemic and in making business decisions about employees and their development, internal business communications, operating policies and procedures, business models, especially around supply chain decisions, markets, etc, our experience is that small groups of leaders often gain insight by discussing current challenges in a non-competitive, and cooperative way.  Our objective is to form and facilitate peer group discussions around current events and decisions that leaders are faced with, to aid individual leaders in making those decisions and moving their companies and careers forward.    

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Our Approach

We expect each Peer Group to be between 3-8 people, where you as an invited member, would be eligible to attend the twice-a-month Peer Group sessions, and either contribute to the conversation topic at hand, talk about solutions you might be pursuing for your organization, or suggest your own topic for discussion about something that you are dealing with.  In addition, members will also have unlimited individual access for the Peer Group session facilitator to act as an Executive Coach/Advisor and sounding board.  The sessions are suggested to be held at either breakfast or lunchtime, depending on the preference of the group.


Topics We Discuss

  • Why do Leaders have to take on more risk in decision-making today and what does this mean for your decision-making (Doing things right vs. Doing the right things)?
  • Why do we need to communicate much more than ever, with our employees given the new business environment, and what does that communication entail?
  • How do we decide what the “right size” of our organization should be going forward and how do we balance survival, vision, and growth?
  • How do use today’s downturn in business to improve our processes and efficiency for the future?
  • How do we inspire and motivate employees to reengage with the organization going forward, even though we will be furloughing or laying off large amounts of staff?
  • What do we tell our Boards about survival and growth and when to expect it?
  • What does “restart” look like in my organization?
  • What cultural and operating changes are required for this new environment?

Endeavor will provide

  • Formulated Peer Groups that contain individuals with similar executive functions and industry employment histories, that will meet at mutually agreeable times/locations (virtual or face-to-face)
  • Facilitation, and industry-based subject matter content along with benchmarking solutions for the challenges faced
  • Individual access to an Executive Coach who will act as a facilitator and individual advisor
  • Access to Endeavor and its organizational research capabilities, and solution frameworks
  • Networking with other Senior Executives

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