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“Leadership and learning are indispensable
to each other.” -John F. Kennedy


We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of our favorite books, articles, blogs, webinars, and thinkers so that you don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to dive deep into the best of energy transition. These are the people who are inspiring and challenging us to think deeply about this topic. Take your time, browse around, and click on a link or two. And when you are ready to talk to someone a bit more about your company’s needs and wading into this space, get in touch with us to start a conversation.



    There is considerable discussion in the literature about the options for the transport of hydrogen. This blog weighs the pros and cons of each.



    Don’t miss Bruce Crager moderating a panel discussion on decom in the Gulf of Mexico at the upcoming D&A GOM 2023 Conference, April 19-20 in Houston.



    Hydrogen-What’s it all about
    Follow along with our on-going series to dig deeper into the complexities of Hydrogen.



    Kevin Mullen, CEO of GreenQuest Power shares about recent advances in Geothermal energy, which is everywhere, even under your feet. Make sure to watch.



For anyone looking to learn about the role of hydrogen in energy transition the University of Houston will be running their Hydrogen Economy course again March to May this year.

The revised program now includes a module that Focuses on Project SHOWPLACE, to which Endeavor plays a key role. Project SHOWPLACE includes repurposing existing GoM platforms for green hydrogen production via electrolysis.



  • “We are all discussing the huge technical topics in Energy Transition. Still, today I was reminded that “Education” is essential in getting people to understand what Net Zero means and why this is not a simple task or one company or country goal. So I found a geothermal article to explain this renewable energy to families and friends. Use it to lead to a deeper conversation about why energy transition doesn’t eliminate energy sources but focuses on the right combination so each individual can reduce their footprint without reducing the quality of life. ”
    -Lumay Viloria

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  • “This focuses on Globalization, including issues related to energy and energy transition.  It is long but well written with lots of data.” –Bruce Crager

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  • “An interesting view from a private equity firm – S2G – around Food Transition, that I found very useful” –Tim Swenk

    View Presentation

  • “A good perspective on the energy transition challenges and consequences.” –Bill Nash

    Read Article

  • “A must resource as a virtual encyclopedia that was crowd-sourced and published within 1 year.” –Tim Swenk

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  • “I’m signed up to receive their updates on a number of the energy market issues.” –Dave Edwards

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  • “t’s a very detailed global report with a regional focus such as North America. It’s extremely informative, including their outlook up to 2050.” –Brian Gibbs

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The Endeavor Institute, an Endeavor company, has partnered with FromTheExperts (FTE)™ to bring virtual expert talks, group discussions, and networking between industry leaders on energy transition-related challenges and solutions.


A video library of our top thought leaders at Endeavor Management featuring a range of topics, including, Energy Transition. Keep this page bookmarked as more talks are added regularly. 



  • Endeavor Awarded BSEE Contract

    Endeavor Management is honored to be awarded a contract to support the Department of The Interior’s  Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement  (BSEE) with Project Management and oversight of orphaned decommissioning infrastructure.  


  • Hydrogen Likely End Users

    The most likely end users of hydrogen: directly as a fuel burned in place of current fuels e.g., natural gas, feed to fuel cells, and the production of green ammonia and green methanol.

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  • Hydrogen – Storage Options

    Hydrogen Storage Options In this the fourth of five short blogs , we will address, again without going deeply into the weeds, the options for the storage of hydrogen.  Hydrogen can be stored as a...

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  • Hydrogen – Transportation Options

    There is considerable discussion in the literature about the options for the transport of hydrogen. It can be transported by truck or rail as either a liquid or gas; by ship as a liquid; by...

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  • Hydrogen – How Does It Compare to Natural Gas and Ammonia?

    In this second of five short blogs we will address, again without going deeply into the weeds, the comparative characteristics of hydrogen to understand its place and ranking as an alternative fuel...

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  • A World Without Gas Stations

    Electric Vehicles (EVs) are here to stay and will become the new normal. We are well on our way to a world without gas stations.

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Endeavor's Bruce Crager sat on a panel during the OWI GOM conference with Allen Bertagne of BRT Energy, Steve Louis of Promethean Decom, and Roy Robinson of Excipio, Endeavor Alliance Partners

Lumay Viloria, Barbara Stewart, and Amber L. Tabora had the honor of representing Endeavor at this year’s Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy.

Bruce Crager moderated a panel focused on ESG engagement and corporate value creation at the CHARGE Energy Branding North America Conference in Houston

Lumay Viloria at the Houston Conversation 50/50 WOB with a great friend, mentor, and role model Stephanie Cox

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