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Oilfield Brand Strategy

Building Brand Trust

The most trusted Oilfield Brands aren’t build by creative logos or clever taglines.  Customers are loyal to brand they find trustworthy; brands convey a promise they value.  A trusted brand is one that all customers and employees will endorse and recommend to others.

Using our Brand Trust model, healthcare organizations have assessed, repositioned and strengthened their oil & gas industry brands. Growing market share, introduced a new brand or avoiding confusion for newly merged entities, our professionals are versed in research-based strategies to achieve your objectives.

Our Brand Trust model is built upon the empirical observation that familiarly is a key driver of brand equity while decision factors and differentiation establish brands. However, it is also customer experience and trust (as measured by likelihood to recommend) create brand equity.

We translate these insights through strategic framing of the brand and document such through our Brand Book.

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