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Sharon Jordan

Project Planning Analytics Advisor

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As a Master Planner, Sharon brings over 25 years of engineering and construction planning experience in schedule development and project execution, supporting projects with expert advice and knowledge that ensures best practices are implemented. Her hands on experience as a program planning lead with EPFC projects on a global stage enable her to provide risk analyses and quality assessments that promote schedule certainty. Over her career, Sharon has gained international experience related to offshore facilities including FPSO, FPU, MOPU, Gravity Based Platform, Fixed Leg Platforms, ship construction, Umbilical and Subsea Pipeline installation. In addition, Sharon has experience with downstream process facilities, methanol facilities, LNG technology and renewal of systems controls for the Alaska oil production and pipeline. Sharon provides hands on training and coaching to cost and planning engineers to develop process and procedural documents for data transformation, execution of standardized data and AI implementation.

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