Sharon Rich BS

Project Advisor

Sharon is a collaborative and forward-planning leader with 30+ years of experience in project, engineering, and interface management; installation / construction; advanced analysis; supply chain management (SCM); permitting; quality (QA/QC); health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE); research and development (R&D); software development; cost estimating and scheduling; and integrity management of subsea oil and gas developments and export systems. Projects included new (green) and expanding / improving (brown) field developments; shore to deepwater (> 10,000 ft); high pressure and high temperature (HPHT: 16,500 psi / 300 °F); large diameter and long distance transmission / network systems (up to 42-inch and >700 miles); bundled pipelines up to 2×42”x24”; large diameter and deepwater steel-catenary risers (SCR: up to 24-inch in 7,200 ft WD); pipe-in-pipe (PIP) flowlines and SCRs; flexible and umbilical flowlines and dynamic risers; hybrid risers; landfalls including horizontal directionally drilled (HDD) and micro bore tunnel (up to 2.6 m x 2.25km); multi-diameter and bi-directional commissioning, maintenance and in-line intelligent (ILI) pigging systems; subsea pig launching and receiving (SPLR); drill-center layout; subsea equipment and controls; subsea structures and tie-ins; liquified natural gas (LNG) regasification; floating systems (FPSO, FPU, FSO, etc.); offshore wind; and new frontier regulatory consultancy.

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