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Advisory Team

Optimize Your Production

We provide technical subsurface support to assist operators in optimizing production, reserves, and development costs.

Production optimization starts with the initial discovery and continues through the abandonment phase. Each step taken by the operator will dictate the overall success and profitability of the project. Our team of seasoned professionals will work with your staff to provide guidance in reservoir development and ensure that all appropriate tools and available data are being employed to optimized field development. The end result will be a team based approach to maximize the production stream, and minimize CAPEX and OPEX.

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Our Approach

Our geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reserves analysts, reservoir engineers, and operations engineers (including drilling) work with the operator’s technical team to review: data acquisition and processing, depositional models, formation evaluation, reservoir characteristics, static and dynamic models, completion technology, formation stimulation, and reservoir maintenance for primary and secondary recovery.

Our technical team assists operators in developing and implementing strategic goals by:


Identifying alternative concepts for asset development, and evaluation of cost effectiveness in support of concept selection


Developing a tailored stage gate process for the asset, and facilitate peer reviews in all phases of the stage gate process


Providing recommendations on standard reservoir geology, engineering and completion technologies


Reviewing input data on static and dynamic reservoir models


Accelerating cycle time from discovery to first oil, and efficiently maintaining target reservoirs for maximizing production


Providing input on emerging technologies for asset development (e.g. smart field design, wireline/cased holed logging, data management and processing, etc.)

Oilfield pumpjack,Canada,A pumpjack at an oil drilling site at sunset.



More efficient portfolio management


Cost/benefit analysis for developing assets at any stage of development


Downtime reduction


Prolonged reservoir productivity

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