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What’s your Endeavor?

The expectation for high performance has evolved. As traditional approaches reach their redline, energy companies that are willing to be different are reaching new heights. Endeavor Management helps energy companies overcome complex challenges and manage risk to improve overall performance throughout the oil and gas value chain.


Our approach is to focus on the underlying systemic foundations for sustainable performance. We want to help you address your most pressing issues once and for all, and create a competitive advantage that will continue to grow. Our extensive experience combined with innovative methods and tools allow us to quickly identify the underlying causes of your various symptoms and address them in a holistic manner. 


Assessments and Rapid Diagnostics

Go from symptoms to the root cause


We offer a wide range of comprehensive diagnostics to identify the true causes of your issues. From rapid diagnostics focused on a particular pain point to comprehensive evaluations of complex, interrelated issues, we can provide you with insights into what is really going on. Click below to explore a few examples of our diagnostics.

Business Performance Assessments

Understanding where to begin

Efficiently identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. A “top down” assessment benchmarks your performance and identifies key deficiencies and opportunities. More importantly, it can link multiple symptoms to the underlying root causes, helping consolidate initiatives and prioritize resources in a more constructive manner. ​

Our Business Performance Assessment focuses on 4 key areas: ​

  • Overall business performance relative to industry benchmarks ​
  • Strategic alignment and clarity to maximize competitive advantages and effectively manage enterprise risks ​
  • Management effectiveness in decision-making and execution of the strategy​
  • Organizational culture and its role as either an enabler or limitation of the vision and mission


M&A Organizational Due Diligence

Identify Compatibility Beyond the Numbers

7 out of 10 deals fail to meet expectations, despite seemingly rigorous due diligence periods. Companies that see repeated success with inorganic strategies take a different approach to due diligence, one that looks well beyond the numbers. ​

We supplement your diligence assessments and add context to financial views. Our M&A Assessments evaluate the often overlooked aspects of potential targets, focusing on areas like the complexity and compatibility of the culture, the organization and the management system. These are the factors behind your target’s current level of success, and understanding them can be greatly beneficial in crafting an effective integration strategy.

Organizational Culture Assessment

Gain Insight Into How Your People Work ​

Culture is widely recognized as a pivotal driver of long-term success, but traditional efforts at measuring it rarely prove useful beyond individual and team level interactions. Your culture is a result of many factors, and any culture assessment that ignores these will give you an incomplete set of tools for improving it. ​

Our proprietary culture assessment utilizes a web-based diagnostic coupled with a comprehensive evaluation of the underlying systems driving the culture. We provide senior leaders with a complete view of the current culture and existing misalignment, the specific cultural aspects needing to be addressed, and the systematic factors that need to be changed in order to move the culture in the desired direction. ​

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Develop Industry-Leading Strategies​

Improving your strategy for long-term results


Long-term strategic success doesn’t come from one-time course corrections but rather from improving the way an organization evaluates the risk and benefit of potential opportunities. We look for ways to improve the repeatability of successful decisions. See below for some of the ways we help clients improve their strategies.

Agile Decision Making

Make Better, Faster Decisions To Win​

The perfect decision, made too late, is the wrong decision. Despite the availability of improved data and information technology, many companies still suffer from ineffective or overly time-consuming practices for making key decisions. Success in energy, particularly within Upstream and Contract Services industries, depends on agile decision making throughout the organization. ​

We help our clients evaluate their current decision making frameworks to optimize it for the different types of decisions made. Our process evaluates all aspects involved in your decision-making process, including clarity of ownership and accountability, reliability of data and information, pervasive biases, and cultural influences. This holistic approach to decision-making will help you make better decisions faster than your competitors to better take advantage of market dynamics.​

​Inorganic Growth Strategy Development

Develop an Effective Long-Term M&A Strategy​

Long-term success in oil & gas requires having an effective strategy for inorganic growth – a strategy that compliments your competitive advantages and finds undervalued opportunities to build upon. ​

Our experienced team of Oil & Gas leaders can help you build a market-leading strategy, find and evaluate potential acquisition targets, and develop sound integration plans to maximize their value to your company. Our M&A program can be implemented to target specific strategic opportunities or as part of a broader ongoing strategic plan.

​Enterprise Risk Management

A Comprehensive Understanding of Your Risk​

Risk management should not be done in isolation of strategic planning. Having a clear understanding of your organization’s current risk exposure allows for better strategic decisions between risk mitigation initiatives and calculated investments to take on more risk. Our ERM program differs from common approaches in its ability to simplify how risk is evaluated, even across highly diverse businesses, to enable more consistent unbiased decision-making.

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Create a Leadership and People Advantage​

Your most valuable competitive advantage is your people


Products, processes and technology can be reverse engineered and copied. An effective culture, however, is must more difficult to emulate. People who create good ideas can come up with better ones. Effective cultures can overcome deficiencies in processes and technology, and give you a powerful competitive advantage. We can help.

​Never and Never Again® Mindset

Creating a Culture of Operational Excellence

Bringing out the best in people, not getting the most out of people, should be the focus. Passion drives excellence. When you do what you love, you get good at it. Everyone can be awesome in his or her own unique way. The challenge is that you may not know what it is and they may not know, either. The People Advantage is a comprehensive and structured way to recruit, retain, develop, and motivate people and bring out their best contributions.​

In today’s world everyone is a knowledge worker and everyone wants to see a purpose beyond personal income. For the next generation of workers this is a high priority. Most companies are not yet effectively meet this need. The innovation and creativity of the majority of the workforce goes untapped and often discouraged. Our Purpose Driven work process can help you change that.

Getting to 90: Competencies and Skills

Developing and Growing Competencies and Skills

People remember 90% of what they do or teach others and only remember 50% of what they see and hear. Computer-based learning and slide deck presentations are the norm for many companies to meet company and regulatory training requirements. They accomplish “training” but fall short in fostering critical thinking skills and the ability to learn and observe.​

We use a powerful and surprisingly simple model that relies on the frontline to help ensure that knowledge is transferred and that the next generation learns from current workers.The workforce of the future must be able to think critically through observation, analysis, and action. This goes well beyond “training” to follow procedures.

Leadership Excellence at All Levels

Leadership from the Frontline to the Boardroom​

As leaders progress through a career, they inevitably move from the role of manager of work to a leader of people. This is a significant shift and requires the development of key skills.​

We work with boards, executives, managers, and frontline leaders. Each level has many similar needs carried out in very different settings. Our certified executive coaches can assist you on your leadership journey. We help build alignment throughout a leadership hierarchy. The preponderance of daily business decisions are made at the frontline. We help you be appropriately focused on learning from, serving and unlocking the potential of the frontline.​

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Deliver Flawless Execution

Improving your processes for continuous improvement and consistent execution


We offer specialized services to help your organization deliver its strategy more consistently and reliably than your competition. Whether it’s through a comprehensive management systems that brings improvements across all of your processes, or targeted improvements in a problematic area, we have the experience and methodologies to make it happen. See some examples below of how we can help.

Operational Excellence Management Systems

The Basis For a High Reliability Organization

A high reliability organization is one that has a remarkably low number of mishaps over a sustained period of time. High-reliability requires multiple layers of defense. The problem many companies face is that the multiple layers evolve into bureaucracy and complexity, which only gives the perception of a highly controlled system and diminishes overall performance.

Our Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) is specifically designed for the needs of highly volatile, high-risk industries. Our OEMS can be easily configured to consolidate multiple management systems and disparate legal requirements (such as OSHA, API, ISO, EPA, PHMSA, FRA and many more) into a single system. This reduces the cost of managing and conforming to multiple systems, but more importantly increases the effectiveness of the management system in driving better performance against all measures of value and social responsibility.

Unifying Information Management

Simplifying How Information is Used

Information management technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, yet effective and efficient communication continues to be a challenge for many. Ineffective communication is frequently a top complaint in employee surveys, and this complaint is rarely rooted in an outright lack of technology; it is often a symptom of a deep rooted multivariable problem.

We look at communication and information management from multiple angles, and improve the underlying structure and practices your employees use for identifying, assessing, documenting and communicating information. We help our clients modernize the entire approach to communicating and documenting information in a way that maximizes the value of their technology.

Agile Project Management

Deliver Projects at the Speed of Business

Effective project management should adequately identify and mitigate project risks without burdening the organization in unnecessary bureaucracy and process. This snowballs as initiatives overlap and resources become further strained.

We help clients improve their project execution starting with how opportunities are evaluated and assessed against organizational objectives, improving the governance structure to accelerate decision-making, and scaling the process to fit project risks. Our clients effectively manage risk better while spending less time in meetings and reviewing paperwork.

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