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Leadership Development and Executive Coaching


Helping leaders transform their organizations…

It is simply a given that for organizations to succeed they must have effective leaders.  And the community of leaders within the organization must collaborate effectively with purpose and alignment.  With transformational initiatives, these truisms become even more pertinent and critical.  When it is no longer “business as usual”, the organization’s leaders are under unusual stress and may find that some outside help equips them to forge ahead with revitalized capabilities and confidence.  That’s where Leadership Development and Executive Coaching is so valuable.

Our Tools

Endeavor offers a suite of services that can help in these situations:

Executive Coaching helps leaders develop their organizational and individual capabilities in the context of the business transformations they wish to achieve. In addition, though, Executive Coaching can be helpful in one-off situations where a leader is going through an individual change (lateral transfer, promotion, etc.) and would find useful to have some assistance in making the transition.  Our goal is to create strategic leaders who effectively guide and influence their organizations in order to achieve world class results.

Role/Process Based Senior Advisory Services provide support for individuals in developing their effectiveness in specific roles/processes.  Whether the individual is a project manager in an oil & gas company’s capital program, a manufacturing plant manager or a chief marketing officer, Endeavor can provide advisors who know the environment as well as the role and can provide beneficial support to individuals who are feeling challenged or who just want to improve their effectiveness.

Leadership Development assistance is provided for groups of leaders, usually leadership teams working together to lead an organization or an initiative of some sort. Our corporate level Leadership Development Program helps organizations choose the appropriate leadership model and then implement that model with a systematic process for training the current leadership and helping to put in place the processes necessary to transform the leadership culture into the desired future state.

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