Experience Management is the Key to Recruiting and Retaining the Best Talent

Healthcare employee experience management is essential to recruiting and retaining the best talent.  Whether it be nurses, physicians, frontline staff or administrative, the cost of acquisition is significant – as are turnover rates continue to climb.  Faced with today’s Great Retirement and stronger competition from new modes of employment, leaders need a game plan to stregthen employee committment.

That’s where we come in – our team of consultants and former healthcare executives utilize our PlayBook to align brand, operations, and culture to impact employee commitment.


Our Philosophy


Empowerment is the key to growth

Healthcare employees on the front line are essential for delivering safe, effective, and customer-centric experiences. Co-design and collaboration are crucial for exceptional consumer experiences. By treating your employees as stewards and supporting them, you can increase their satisfaction and create a positive environment. The goal is to create loyalty and encourage patients to recommend your facility to others.


Standing out requires
energized communications

To compete in today’s hiring environment, healthcare providers need a strong employee value proposition that meets both functional and emotional employee needs. This starts with communicating your “why” and delivering a compelling employee experience that sets you apart from competitors, including Travel Nursing Agencies and other employers who offer Work from Anywhere opportunities or higher compensation packages. By prioritizing employee needs, you can attract and retain top talent and build a strong employer brand.


Get to the heaert of the matter

We’re known for our ability to get to the heart of what matters most to your employees through sophisticated research tools. Whether related to operations, internal communications, or HR operations, the needs we discover provide a compelling foundation for change and cultural alignment. To address the needs of today’s healthcare leader, we’ve deployed specialized tools to measure fatigue, organizational trust and culture.


Our Approach

Our transformational strategy approach, e4, provides the general framework for how we help organizations advance employee commitment.

Envision – creating alignment amongst leaders regarding the desired future state – and using fresh insights to reconstitute the organization’s purpose.

Engage – operationalizing the vision by empowering employees to design your high-performance culture, elements of inclusiveness, and employee experience.

Energize – inspiring employees to fulfill the vision through strategic communications and team coaching to meet employees where they are.

Enable – creating sustainable plans for leader coaching, on-boarding, retention, development and measurement.

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