Capital Project

Our View of the
Market Issue

In the Oil & Gas sector (Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream refining and petrochemicals) asset owners, EPCs and technology solution providers are confronted with reinventing the core of capital projects delivery, so that certainty of project outcomes and asset revenue goals are realized during asset life.

Those who embrace systemic changes in project delivery organization culture, strategy, leadership, work processes and tools will set themselves apart from their competitors. They will be driven by accurate data throughout the project life cycle that meets the needs of the operating asset.

Our focus is on the basic fundamentals that have the greatest impact on project success. We use proven processes and a toolkit to diagnosis, design and implement sustainable solutions to a business, project, capital team and asset operations.

Endeavor bring tools, methodology and expertise to enable its clients to integrate people, processes and tools. Our project advisors each have more than 30 years of direct experience in project development and execution and a deep understanding of the management of change.


Our Approach
to Bringing Value

Endeavor Management has an experienced Project Effectiveness team with a dual focus on the “hard” and “soft” aspects – structure (process/technical) and people (leadership and teamwork) elements. This can be implemented side-by-side with organizations and teams such as the asset owner, stakeholders, and supporting service and contractor groups. The approach is grounded in the premise of effectively delivering results through a focus on simplification and essentialism.

The approach considers 10 essential areas of focus categorized in 3 groups: Capability, People and Delivering to Goals.

Oil or gas pipe line valve. Oil and gas control, extraction, production and transportation industrial background.

Endeavor Management collaborates with the client to define the objectives and scope of specific target improvements in three focus areas: Project Capability, People, and Delivering to Goals.



Using Endeavor’s proprietary Assurance Review Process, we will diagnose the current state of project delivery or project organization effectiveness and identify barriers to desired business outcomes and provide recommendations



Working with the leadership we design the scope of an engagement that will produce systemic change by involving key stakeholders and those impacted by and influencing change. Services includes organizational change, strategic and tactical change, leadership team alignment, project team integration, individual and team coaching, and work process development.



Typical actions in this phase include complexity reduction projects, executive coaching, behavioral alignment throughout the organization, and cultural alignment / team development workshops. We believe that this approach works best as a collaborative relationship working in partnership with our clients.



The goal of this phase is to create a people advantage that allows the organization to sustain the change without having to rely on outside consultants. Typical activities could include critical thinking and purpose-driven workshops, coaching on leadership attitudes and actions, constructive feedback, and cultural check-ups.

Capital Project Effectiveness Team


Al Reese, Jr. MBA

Senior Advisor


Bill Barrows MBA

Senior Advisor


Bruce Crager BS, MBA

President – Energy Advisory Group


Charles (Charlie) R. Ursell, III MBA

Construction Advisor


Christopher Newlands BA, MS, MBA

Project Advisor


Dave Edwards PhD

Senior Advisor – Construction and Installation Team Lead


David Boggs MBA

Technical Advisor


Dexter D. Decker BS

Technical Advisor


Dwight Johnston BS

Project Advisor


Erick F. Jaimes MBA



Felix de la Vega, P.E. BS, MS

Senior Advisor


George Rodenbusch PhD

Senior Advisor

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