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Maximize Encounter Volumes
from Referring Physicians



Embrace Referring Physicians as Partners in Care

Referring physician experience management is essential to growing clinical volumes. Physicians represent a significant revenue source. Physicians admit patients to your hospitals, refer to your specialists and represent at least 50% of referrals to academic medical centers. Furthermore, referring physicians have choices – as large regional and nationally recognized brands influence your market, it is imperative that you differentiate not only on clinical excellence, but service excellence as well.



Physician Enchantment

The Key to Referral Volume Growth

Physicians are key influencers in the outpatient and inpatient treatment of their patients. Treat them as partners and your volumes will increase. We believe this is possible through the proper definition and delivery of an exceptional physician experience. Your goal is to create such an outstanding experience so that physicians will go out of their way to recommend you to their patients. This is possible through our approach which increases recommendation scores and community physician alignment. We blend market insights and industry expertise to help your teams envision and deliver a world-class physician experience.

Referral Growth Requires Standing Out

Although today’s patients have many resources available to help them in healthcare decision-making, referring physicians continue to be the most influential factor in where they seek care. Driving referral growth requires an exceptional referring physician experience. That’s why we’ve provided these free physician experience resources. In today’s ever-changing and cluttered healthcare landscape, it’s not enough to assume that brand reputation or clinical offerings will persuade physicians to advocate for you. So how do you develop loyalty among your referring physicians? How can you differentiate yourself from the competition and deliver upon promises consistently? That’s where we come in.

It’s Not Enough to Rely on Assumptions

We’re known for our ability to get to the heart of what matters most to your referring physicians. Whether related to operations, communications, or patient care, the needs that we discover provide a compelling foundation for change and action planning. Our Experience Mapping framework reviews the total experience, including ways to build loyalty outside of a referral. We uncover functional needs, emotional needs, touchpoints, and experience stewards for a holistic view of how to improve experiences and grow advocacy.

Our Approach

We use customized experience/journey maps to develop insights and create a foundation for action. Using your data or ours, qualitative or quantitative data, this serves as a framework to align efforts around physician needs to build empathy. As a discovery technique, our experience map provides a visual cue to help physicians and staff recall specific episodes in their relationship. The experience map organizes the various touchpoints or interactions with your organization. Ultimately, the organization of insights in this structure helps your teams develop insights beyond process – the functional and emotional needs of patient families as expressed at each step of their journey. Physician experience mapping reviews the holistic experience beyond the referral. This includes interactions like liaison visits, CME, consultations, second opinions, and other activities outside of the actual treatment of their patients.


  • Brings attention to the entire relationship, not just the process of referring
  • Leverages industry experience and insights for physician relationship management
  • Provides an in-depth assessment of physician functional and emotional needs
  • Ensures a shared level of empathy
  • Imparts key tools to translate such into action
  • Recognizes the unique relationships between referring physicians, faculty, staff, patients, and families
  • Provides comparisons to industry leaders at various levels of maturity
  • Uncovers attitudes and expectations to develop a common understanding of the current situation and form consensus around which opportunities to pursue
  • Enables real-time service recovery and experience monitoring through our dashboards




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