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Cultural Transformation


Business Change Requires Cultural Transformation

In today’s world, when we recognize that any significant “change” must occur in business, that change requires that employees condition their attitudes, values, beliefs or priorities in such a way as to modify their behavior and as such, the company’s culture. It is insufficient to engineer an organizational change through the creation of new processes, structure or planning initiatives, but most also be accomplished with intentional leadership behavior, leadership actions and employee inputs.

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Cultural Transformation is the super-charged process and behavioral methodology that has grown out of industry’s all too often failed attempts at “Change Management”. As we re-engineered organizations and processes in the early 21st century, we discovered that people were not machines or processes and could not be “re-engineered”. As a result, Endeavor works with a myriad of tools focused on creating both the behavioral and attitudinal transformations that are required to achieve optimum performance with any organization. Diagram to frame this concept:

Systemic Organizational Transformation




Process Overview

The situations to use our approach include creating and implementing new change or transformation to a new strategic or tactical objective such as (but not limited to):

  • Building a culture of Operational Excellence.
  • Integrating newly acquired or merged companies
  • Establishing a Sales Culture.
  • Becoming “Innovative” or “Entrepreneurial” in the organization.
  • Working as truly High Performing Teams.
  • Having a deeply embedded Culture of Safety
  • New Strategy Implementation

Cultural Transformation Progression

All human beings transform into changed states typically go through three stages  of “acceptance” of any change.  Endeavor’s process is meant to help leadership and the staff progress through the stages in a systematic and efficient manner.

The benefits of our approach include:

  • Solving group or organizational dysfunction
  • Creating an intense focus on what can and should be done to achieve success.
  • Defining what the ideal organizational culture looks like for you organization and defining concrete actions steps to achieve that ideal cultural state allowing you to super charge your implementation of any change.



  • Several proprietary and industry recognized cultural and organizational assessment tools like the SLOCI, Organizational Culture Index, Organizational Environmental Index, Culture Active and others
  • A five phase transformation process which accounts for the people, processes, systems and structure of any organization and is based on a Decision Analysis framework
  • Interpersonal Assessment tools like the Birkman, DISC, MyersBriggs and Hogan, etc. to assist leadership in leading the cultural transformation appropriately.


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