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Decommissioning Team


Transform the necessary task of decommissioning into another area for your company to demonstrate sound technical achievement and effective financial performance.

In most cases, the decommissioning of existing facilities adds nothing to your company’s revenues; it can only cost you money. However, every dollar saved in decommissioning costs translates directly to your organization’s bottom line. Endeavor’s Decommissioning Team can show you how to bolster your bottom line and protect against risk with no compromises in safety or harm to the environment.


We mix industry technical expertise with leading-edge operational techniques to offer cost-saving benefits to any who must embark on a decommissioning program.

The situations to use this approach include:

  • Assist in the generation of decom campaign strategies for those new to the effort
  • Providing a 3rd party review for companies seeking to optimize decom campaigns
  • Keeping the industry apprised on the latest technical advances in decommissioning and related subjects
  • Pursue step-change technical innovations when industry-wide cooperation appears to be the best course of action
  • Develop effective financial strategies for decom projects and campaigns

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Giving companies the best chance to minimize risk and cost of otherwise problematic decommissioning campaigns
  • Championing technical advancements, keeping companies from having to invest manpower to investigate new technologies themselves
  • Showing the best operational and financial means for cost savings translating directly to the bottom line

Subsea Decommissioning Phase II JIP

Expert Advisory Group – Decommissioning Team:
Offering Subsea Decommissioning Phase II Joint Industry Project

Endeavor is now offering a Phase II of Subsea Decommissioning Joint Industry Project (JIP)—Phase II, entitled “Plugging In the Power Tools.” This new JIP will help you reduce decom costs based on:

  • The cost estimation tool, which can help with demonstrating practical bonding amounts
  • The Comparative Assessment methodology known as NEBA, which can assure your company of the following:
    • The ability to make the correct Decommissioning decisions every time
    • Cost-effective, systematic, and objective decision-making
    • A powerful report format that communicates most effectively with the parties that are sometimes the hardest with which to communicate
    • Eye-opening common-sense decision making that leads your company to “win-win” outcomes when decommissioning wells and facilities
  • Taking the Next Step toward using resins as an alternative to cement in P&A
  • Sharing deepwater subsea video and related ecological information with other Operators to be used in making decisions and formulating policy in deepwater
  • Sharing deepwater subsea video and related ecological information with other Operators to be used in making decisions and formulating policy in deepwater

Download proposal for Subsea Decommissioning Phase II Joint Industry Project

Building on the results of Endeavor’s initial Subsea Decommissioning JIP last year, Phase II “Plugging in the Power Tools” will focus on several issues.  The proposed scope of work covers:

  1.  Using NEBA [Net Benefits Environmental Analysis] in decommissioning decisions: five (5) separate Issues proposed, including 3 pilot studies.
  2.  Cost estimating program focused on Subsea Decom activities relating to the financial liability and security requirements imposed by US regulators.
  3.  A plan for proving resins’ long-term durability for well P&A and other interventions.
  4. Examine the case for leaving subsea equipment in place as the best option for deep water ecosystems and outline ways for companies to gather, store, and share oilfield environmental data to prove or disprove this theory.


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