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Subsea Team


Leverage Endeavor Management Subsea Team expertise and experience to provide solutions for Oil & Gas Industry companies relative to Subsea systems

The Endeavor Management Subsea Team offers both breadth and depth of having been there and done that. This experience is based on a team of people who have many years with Operators, Suppliers and Engineering firms addressing issues similar to those encountered by you. We can provide insight and recommendations to assist you in finding solutions.


We combine proven experience and gained expertise to understand challenging issues to provide insight to potential options and recommended actions.

The situations to use this approach include:

  • Asset assessment and strategic planning
  • Prospect development planning
  • Field development concepts
  • Risk assessment
  • HAZOP and HAZID facilitation
  • Peer and Cold-eye reviews
  • Project assurance reviews and operational support
  • Technical bid reviews
  • Brownfield expansion and tieback planning
  • AFE estimate planning
  • Subsea environmental consultation
  • Expert testimony
  • Technology development
  • Subsea Decommissioning

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Experience based solutions
  • Broad understanding of related issues
  • Knowledge based options
  • Expertise based recommendations


Team Members

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