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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence - Building High Reliability Organizations

The expectation for perfection in healthcare continues to grow. From patients to physicians to regulators, everyone expects your hospital to run flawlessly every minute while maintaining quality and ensuring timely care. Yet, as the challenge grows, traditional processes and approaches have reached their limits. It’s time for a new approach.

Endeavor Management helps healthcare providers meet the demands of their stakeholders through a systematic approach to Operational Excellence.

Our approach is to focus on the underlying systemic foundations for sustainable performance. We want to help you address your most pressing issues once and for all and create a competitive advantage that will continue to grow. Our extensive experience combined with innovative methods and tools allow us to quickly identify the underlying causes of your various symptoms and address them in a holistic manner.


A few ways we can help you become Operationally Excellent

  • Culture enhancement using a mixture of proprietary technology and proven methods
  • Expertise to develop efficient operational structures in order to reduce duplicative services
  • Leadership experience in the successful development and implementation of both Administrative and Clinical Service Lines
  • Skilled in the evaluation of clinical and administrative programs and departments leading to the creation of targeted plans for improvements
  • Expert in Lean Quality principles and their application to improve organizational performance

Team Members

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