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Operational Excellence


Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Endeavor’s Operational Excellence Team can assist companies in optimizing operating income by Achieving Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence is never static as there are many input variables and moving parts that have to work in isolation and in harmony.  These areas include:  safety, process, maintenance, logistics, communication, support, and culture.  How effectively does your group accomplish this?



Endeavor’s Expert Advisory Group has the depth of experience and breadth of perspective to address these areas within operations, both upstream, downstream, and for alternative energy.  With each situation being unique, we would first undertake a survey and comparison to best practices for the areas of concern within an operation. A plan would be developed by the appropriate Team Members to address the issues identified during the survey.  With Client approval, the plan will be initiated while providing the Client with feedback during the process.  A final report will be provided to highlight the benefits associated with the changes implemented.

The situations to use this approach may include:

  • Safety or Environmental issues associated with facility or cultural deficiencies
  • Evaluation of an existing facility prior to acquisition and/or optimization of operations post acquisition
  • Manning definition and optimization, focusing on the best HSE and operational practices
  • Full Operational Life Cycle optimization from design to decommissioning, both Greenfield and Brownfield.
  • Overall P&L evaluation and optimization, including raw materials, CAPEX and OPEX
  • Change Management evaluation and detailed reports addressing risks and guidelines to minimize impact and ensure smooth transition
  • Competency assessment and training for employees
  • Identification of appropriate KPI’s

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Constant focus on safety and the environment
  • Capability for expeditious response to process and other upsets
  • Optimized inventory ensuring critical spares availability at managed cost
  • Effective and competitive logistics support
  • Experienced and optimally-trained staff with managed turnover
  • Continuously improved bottom line
  • Don’t leave money on the table, let Endeavor Management work with you and bring more to the bottom line!

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