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On-demand expertise and experience
anywhere in the global Energy Industry

Endeavor's Energy Advisory Group

The Endeavor Energy Advisory Group (EAG) is the most comprehensive and globally recognized team of operationally proven experts in the industry. Our EAG has over 300 advisors intimately knowledgeable in the challenges facing the industry today around the world. Our advisors have decades of experience ranging from reservoir management to decommissioning from the perspective of both operators and service companies

We deliver our expertise in a form that is best suited for our clients. 

  • Serving as a “behind the scenes advisor”

  • Fielding a team to directly solve a complex problem

  • Provide mentorship

  • Bridge the gap in resources and talent

Our Expertise

Energy Expert Solution Focuses

  • Energy Transition

    The focus on climate change and sustainability is driving a massive transformation in the energy industry. The change to the increased use of renewables and the reduced use of fossil fuels is commonly called Energy Transition – and it’s the future of the Energy industry. 

  • ESG

    Expectations of companies and other organizations around all things Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) have grown fast and furious. Addressing these strategically and thoughtfully can help maximize opportunities both near and long term while avoiding costly and unnecessary initiatives you may come to regret. 

  • Operational Excellence

    What is Operational Excellence? To Endeavor Management, it is ensuring you achieve maximum production at minimum costs, continuously and sustainably.

  • Mediation, Arbitration and Legal Support

    Our team of mediation, arbitration, and legal support expert advisors support the law firms and legal departments in the oil and industry.

  • Decommissioning

    Transform the task of decommissioning into an area your company can demonstrate sound technical achievement and effective financial performance.

  • Capital Project Effectiveness

    The effectiveness of developing and delivering capital investment is diminishing as measured by the realization of project goals and return on capital employed.

  • Digital Transformation

    Our Digital Transformation Team can help you transform your digital strategy beyond digitizing your information – but to change the way the organization works.

  • Energy Business Support

    Aligning People, Information, and Data with Strategic Objectives

  • Development Planning

    Endeavor Management’s field development team provides an objective, third-party value for technical and operational field development decisions.

  • Subsurface Advisory

    Provides technical subsurface support to assist operators in optimizing production, reserves, and development costs.

  • Onshore

    Our onshore expert advisors will work with your staff to provide guidance in all aspects of your project and ensure that all appropriate tools and available data are being employed to optimize the value of your investment.

  • Subsea

    Leverage Endeavor Management’s Subsea Team expertise and experience for solutions in Subsea systems.

  • Due Diligence

    With extensive industry expertise in both topside and subsurface evaluations blended with proven assessment tools, we provide evaluation teams with both proven industry experts and processes.

  • Arctic

    The Team incorporates experienced technical professionals, with many years of Arctic OCS Design and Operational Expertise.

Example Projects

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