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“Business as Usual” Doesn’t Work Anymore

Endeavor is here with solutions to fit your needs

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“Business as Usual” Doesn’t Work Anymore…
Endeavor is here with solutions to fit your needs


Today, every business leader is far too familiar with the challenges posed by our uncertain economic landscape. Strategies, management cultures and organizational structures that counted on planned, predictable growth are scrambling to adapt to a dramatically changed and incredibly fluid environment. Each day brings calls for diverse skills and knowledge – with no comfortable cushion of time for a learning curve. Endeavor Management provides a unique resource that can position your business to not only survive this challenging period, but also ensure the adoption of long-term changes that facilitate the strategic growth of your organization.

Our basic leadership belief is that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary results when they share a passion for a common goal, have executive support, and the resources necessary to plan and pursue their objectives. Endeavor Management is committed to serving our clients by accomplishing goals and achieving results that set them apart in their market. We provide the necessary expertise and support to serve as a catalyst for the client’s team to confidently architect and implement innovative yet practical solutions to their strategic business challenges. Our growth has fueled are combination of capabilities with prominent firms such as Gelb Consulting and Holland & Davis, which are both wholly owned subsidiaries.

  • About Us

    Endeavor Management is a management consulting firm that leads clients to achieve real value from their strategic transformational initiatives.

    We serve as a catalyst by providing the energy to maintain the dual perspective of running the business while changing the business through the application of key leadership principles and business strategy.

    Endeavor’s deep operational insight and broad industry experience enables our team to quickly understand the dynamics of client companies and markets.

  • Our Team

    Endeavor Management has a strong executive leadership team and a proud company heritage, but our real power comes from our consultants who are helping to improve companies every day.

    We have a highly diverse team with seasoned expertise in a variety of fields and practices. Learn more about our Executive Leadership and Team.

  • Contact Us

    Endeavor Management serves clients around the world.  While our colleagues’ offices are located throughout the USA and internationally, we have several main hubs for client service, operations, and team meetings.

    Endeavor has offices and consultants located throughout the continental USA. We serve global clients operating in dozens of locations around the world.
    Contact us for more information.

  • Locations

    Local Presence | Global Reach. Endeavor can always come to you, but did you know that we have offices and service hubs all across the United States? In addition to our Houston hub, we have consultants located around the US and internationally, including offices in San Antonio and Pittsburgh.  We serve clients at several international locations, particularly in the oil & gas industry.

    View Our Locations.

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